Tropic Marin - Salt 25Kg Bucket

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The salt is made up of all the macro elements and trace elements in a natural balance contained within the ocean. Used for years by scientific laboratories, professionals and hobby aquarists all over the world. It provided a strong buffering system with a carbonate hardness to effectively prevent fluctuations of ph. For the care of fish, other invertebrates and seaweed in any aquarium. Free of artificial additives, nitrates and phosphates.

True to nature and manufactured from pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

• Contains all 70 trace elements found in natural sea water.

• Independently tested to show that it will introduce no harmful by-products, nitrates or phosphates to the water - guaranteed.

• Added special hydrates ensure super solubility in tap water.

• 100% vapour proof packet ensures that no impurities from air and other gases can be absorbed.